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    2 GB data Left Your Network ...
    3:15 am Last Sunday

    It Took an Average 49 days to Detect a Data Breach

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    Real Time, Inline & Working
    Cyber Threat Intelligence

    Checks & Tags, Every IP Address & DNS Hostname, for Known Good & Known Bad, On the Fly

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    https over Port 443 ...
    & Checking WHOAMI ...

    A Web Server Should Not Be Doing This - Behavioural Analytics

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    Visualise Network Traffic
    Historic & Forensic

    Network Security Monitoring - Proactive Querying Network for Security Data


Adequate Monitoring of Network is a Fundamental Requirement

Packaged Software Appliance

No more DIY - Athena NetFlow and Netica, combined with just enough operating system (JeOS) to run optimally in a virtual machine, up and run in minutes.

Network Anomaly Detections

Statistical Anomaly rules to monitor network traffic and alerts to any sudden increase in traffic; or Behavioural Anomaly rules to detect constant network traffic from a web server, etc.

DNS Analytics

Numerous DNS requests were being sent from internal servers to DNS servers outside of the country, during off-hours., likely a DNS Exfiltration.

HTTP Analytics

HTTP POST to an image file, to an IP address without associated DNS hostname(s) & checking WHO AM I. These are common behaviours of malware.

Immediate DDoS Detections

Provide immediate visibility & detection for extreme ingress network traffic, ports and protocols, sources and destinations.

Enable Forensics

Look back in time and understand how exactly the attacker was able to get in, which systems were compromised and how the bad actors progressed inside the network.

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Everyday, In Average, We Process ...

GB Logs Collected
Queries Processed
Alerts Generated
Actionable Alerts

Key Benefits

Actionable Security Intelligence

Use entire network as a sensor by turning massive amounts of data from existing network infrastructure into actionable security intelligence.

Faster Threat Detection

With the combination of network visibility and cyber threat intelligence, can detect threats faster and more comprehensively.

Affordable & Working

The NetFlow is affordable, easy to install & a working Network Security Monitoring solution, good for SME, like us.