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    Why didn't we detect it?
    A common question ...
    When a cyber security incident is discovered

    Identify and rectify issues before they affect your business

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    Over 18,000 Websites
    Infested with Magecart Card Skimming Malware
    ... attacking everyone visiting

    Webtica ScriptWatch checks if new script is found in your website

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    Web transactions cannot be completed
    due to an API error
    ... Customers are waiting & waiting

    Webtica APIWatch synthetic API transactions to discover errors

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    DNS A record of your web site changed ...
    All visitors redirected to a malicious site
    3:15 am this morning

    Webtica DNSWatch detects DNS-hijack & outage in minutes


More than Monitoring Availability & Performance

Javascript Injections | Defacements | API errors | DNS-hijacks | Availability & Performance issues

How It Works

  • Webpage Defacement or Outage?
  • You enter URLs & certain strings
  • We wait & check if URLs are accessible?
  • We wait & check certain strings missing? Bad strings found?
  • We notify you
  • Webpage Script Injections?
  • You enter URLs & confirm collected scripts, images & HREF within the webpage
  • We wait & check if new/changed scripts, images or HREF?
  • We notify you
  • API Transaction Errors?
  • You enter html data of multi-steps API transactions
  • We wait & check if failing resources? Expired credentials? Network issues?
  • We notify you
  • DNS Hijack or Outage?
  • You enter DNS hostnames
  • You verify collected IP addresses or cloud vendors
  • We wait & check if IP resolved? correctly?
  • We notify you
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  • Your users expect your website to be available around-the-clock, and they don't likes a slow, inconsistent, and not to mention compromised website.
  • Identifying certain strings with HTTP/S Checks - When certain strings to expect are not present on the page, such as your headline, or copyright statement that is prominent and rarely changes. A check will fail if these strings to expect are not present, or blacklist strings found, then the check issues an alert.
  • Support Regular Expression within strings.
  • Page source of each check is archived during the retention period (12 months).
  • Pagewatch makes it easy to stay in sync with your site uptime, performance and security on a global level.


  • Your webpage is attacking your customers?
  • It’s easy to inject malicious code into a website with outdated plugins and infrastructure.
  • Scriptwatch records known-good URLs of all scripts of a web page, a check will fail if the URL of script is new, changed.
  • Scriptwatch makes it easy to identify malicious scripts injected into your webpages, previously very difficult to monitor.
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  • Today's adversaries are focusing on APIs in particular, which are quickly becoming the new attack frontier. API abuses will likely be the vector most responsible for data breaches within enterprise web applications. With this, protecting APIs is becoming more important.
  • You need continuous automated testing to monitor changing circumstances, such as failing resources, network issues, availability of the underlying database, expired security credentials, etc.
  • APIWatch can monitor your website's multi-step transactions for uptime and performance, delivering instant alerts and data the moment your search, forms, and logins fail.


  • A DNS failure could mean your mail servers, web servers, or APIs become inaccessible. Worse yet, a compromised DNS entry can send your users to a completely different IP address. A malfunctioning DNS entry could lead to big problems for your brand and visitors.
  • DNSWatch checks the integrity of the DNS server and changes to your DNS records. Changes to your DNS records can range from harmless name adjustments to a full-on hijacking.
  • DNSWatch is another layer of visibility that is essential to teams tasked with keeping their enterprise network running smoothly.
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Why Webtica

More than Availability & Performance

A compromised website is detrimental to your brand and revenue. Webtica makes it easy to keep watching your website for defacement, injections, api transaction errors, or DNS hijack across continents.

Accelerating Detection

Know about problems before your customers. Webtica monitors 24x7 your websites from multiple regions. We make sure it is accessible for everybody and verifies errors from another location before sending notifications.

Why Doctor A Security

Expert Minds of SOC

Webtica is well proven in live SOC operations to deliver monitoring solutions for your real-world security problems.

Integrated Monitoring

Webtica is integrated with Netica NTSA (Network Traffic Security Analytics) for additional dimension of security monitoring.