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Athena SOC as a Service

Attempts to Draw Conclusions for Actionable Alerts

Faster Detection & Faster Response

Companies have so much data from firewalls and server logs to manage, it becomes so hard to find the “needle in the haystack” of an attack. Monitoring teams are overwhelmed with thousands of events per day, without identifying security incidents which immediate response is necessary. Attacker techniques change, which will outdate most of the rules you may have on them. Studies indicated that it took an average 45 days to discover a data breach.

Athena SOC can help your organisation to stay ahead of external attacks, threats and malware, fostering continuous threat activity and security monitoring, fastening incident response process and enhancing the ability to investigate and respond to known, unknown and advanced threats.

Aggregated Source of Data - Enable Effective Security Monitoring
Threat Based Detections - Aligned with Attacker Techniques & Tactics
Team Focused on Detection Analytics - Delivers Actionable Alerts
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Every Month, in Average, an On-premise Athena SOC...

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Actionable Alerts

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