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Athena RMON (Remote Monitoring)

Fast Detection of Outages and Hijacks

Real Time Status Check of Websites and DNS from the Internet

Athena RMON (Remote Monitoring) is a module of Athena Logtica, it provides complete monitoring of internet visible infrastructure, including websites (WebWatch) and DNS (DNSWatch) – including availability, URL monitoring, HTTP status, content monitoring, hijack detection, performance and more. Athena RMON is also available as services to be subscribed on the Internet.

WebWatch - Web page(s) are downloaded & stored periodically, Users can select one or more areas to monitor within a web page. This is ideal if you maintain pages with dynamic content.

DNSWatch - Designated DNS hostnames are queried periodically for checking the availability or if any change to pre-defined DNS hostnames & resolved IP address(es).
Always One of the Most Effective Security Detections.
Fastest Detection of Outage or Hijack.
Minimum False Positives.

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