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Athena NetFlow

What’s Going On Across Your Network, Now & Then.

Network as a Security Sensor

Recent breaches have shown that perimeter security (e.g. firewalls) and signature based prevention (e.g. anti-virus software) aren’t sufficient to combat advanced persistent threats. IT organisations need intelligent solutions that are pervasive, behaviour-based, and complimentary to current security solutions. One such solution is to use the network infrastructure itself to function like a sensor.

Full IP flow monitoring provides accounting of all network activity from network packets collected from span port(s) and is useful in event correlation and data analytics, and to identify slow network scanning or data exfiltrations, which would not have been identified by traditional security solutions.

Incident Response and Network Security Forensics

NetFlow records information about all network activity that can be very useful for incident response and network forensics. Information collected in NetFlow records can be used as part of identifying, categorizing, and scoping suspected incidents as part of the identification. NetFlow data also provides great benefits for attack traceback and attribution. In addition, NetFlow provides visibility into what is getting into your network and what information is being exfiltrated out of your network. Incident responders need answers fast! They do not have time to go over terabytes of packet captures, and they can definitely not analyze every computer on the network to find the root cause, miscreant, and source of the breach.

Athena NetFlow

Packaged Software Appliance

No more DIY - ELK stack, Packetbeat and Athena CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) combined with just enough operating system (JeOS) to run optimally in a virtual machine.

Athena CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence)

Real Time, inline enrichment of passive DNS (resolved DNS hostname(s)), IP whois organisation and reputation (known good and/or known bad) for every IP address & DNS hostname, on the fly.

Network Behavioural Anomaly

Powerful information source for every network conversation, capturing every network conversation over an extended period of time for unknown devices, unusual traffic patterns, and unexpected behaviours.

Centralised & Agentless

Easy to deploy. Get up and running in a few minutes. No change in firewall rules. Invisible to perpetrator(s), inside or outside.

Deep and Broad Visibility

Provide visibility for host network behaviour, monitor which internal devices a host is communicating with, to determine if malware is spreading.

Data Leak Detections

Granular traffic flow visibility can be used to detect persistent network flow-out against customer data, trade secrets, intellectual property, email, or financial data.

Key Benefits

Actionable Security Intelligence

Use entire network as a sensor by turning massive amounts of data from existing network infrastructure into actionable security intelligence.

Faster Threat Detection

With the combination of network visibility and cyber threat intelligence, can detect threats faster and more comprehensively.

Affordable & Working

The Athena NetFlow is affordable, easy to install & a working Network Security Monitoring solution, good for SME, like us.